Announcements – October, 2014

Testing result


Congratulation to all that passed!


Masayugi Kagamida 11/9/2014 1st kyu
Samuel McDermott 11/9/2014 2nd Kyu
Ioana Popa 11/9/2014 2nd Kyu
Vilmos Radja 11/9/2014 2nd Kyu
Edward Vale 11/9/2014 2nd Kyu
Sohrab Zanjani 11/9/2014 2nd kyu
Shahrokh Zanjani 11/9/2014 4th kyu
Violeta Gotcheva 11/9/2014 5th kyu
Alexander Komarov 11/9/2014 5th kyu
Adrian Pop 11/9/2014 5th kyu
Kewin Abreu 11/9/2014 6th Kyu
Harry Acosta 11/9/2014 6th Kyu
Jeff Chan 11/9/2014 6th Kyu
Noah Msigwa 11/9/2014 6th Kyu
Ting Chih Gloria Wang 11/9/2014 6th Kyu
Sanjo Yuen 11/9/2014 6th Kyu
Jamie Le 27/07/2014 5th Kyu


Next Kyu Test:


Tuesday, 9th December, 2014

Students planning to test should seek advice from any senior black belt student on technique, requirement and road-block well ahead of the testing date. All senior black belt students are open and will be happy to assist in improving your technique.


CAF Fee Collection for 2015


Cost for CAF – $20

Club fee – $20/adult and $5/child


Fees may be submitted to any of the class instructors or Thomas Woods


CAF and OAF annual meeting minutes


CAF and OAF annual meeting minutes are available upon request by email to:

ANNOUNCEMENT! Fee adjustment & Teaching schedule, for May, 2018!Read More