1 Ichi
2 Ni
3 San
4 Shi (Yon)
5 Go
6 Roku
7 Shishi (Nana)
8 Hachi
9 Ku (Kyu)
10 Ju


Clothing and equipment
Dojo Practice place
Kamiza Shrine (picture of O’Sensei)
Tatami Practice Mat
Gi Uniform
Hakama Black or dark blue pleated pants worn by Yudansha (Black Belts)
Obi Belt
Shiro obi White belt or a practitioner with a belt
Zori Sandals worn in the dojo
Bokken Wooden sword
Jo Wooden stick
Tanto Wooden knife


Rei Bowing; Literally “appreciation and respect”
O’Sensei Founder of Aikido
Sensei The instructor
Yudansha Blackbelt practitioners
Nage (Shite) The person who does the technique.
Uke The person who receives the technique.


Ai hanmi Partners face each other each with the right or the left foot forward (right/right or left/left)
Gyaku hanmi Partners face each other one with the right foot forward the other other with the left foot or vice-versa (right/left or left/right)
Maai Proper distance between the two partners facing each other:
Seiza Kneeling position sitting on the heels with back straight.


Falls (Ukemi)
Koho kaiten Back roll
Ushiro Ukemi Back roll
Zempo kaiten Forward roll
Mae Ukemi Forward roll


Warm up (Jumbe undo)
Haishin undo Final backstretch


Category of movements
Tachi waza Standing technique
Hanmi handachi waza Technique done with uke standing and nage sitting
Suwari waza Sitting technique


Taisabaki  Body movements
Omote waza Entering movement in front of uke; considered positive
Ura waza Entering movement behind uke; considered negative
Soto kaiten Mawari Outside turning movement
Uchi kaiten Mawari Inside turning movement
Irimi Entering movement going towards uke
Tenkan Turning movement pivoting
Renzoku Tenkan Continuous pivoting
Tenshin Nage steps back
Note: Most basic techniques can be omote, ura or both.


Attacks Kogeki
Kamae Stance
Katate dori One hand grasp of a wrist
Ryote dori Two wrists grasp from the front (one hand per wrist)
Morote dori Two hand grasp of a wrist
Kata dori Shoulder grasp
Ryokata dori Two shoulder grasp
Ushiro Kubishime Choke from behind with free hand grabbing wrist
Ushiro tekubi dori Two wrists grasp from behind
Ushiro ryokata dori Two shoulders grasp from behind
Ushiro waza Any attack from behind
Shomen uchi Descending strike to the top of the head
Yokomen uchi Sideways strike to the head
Tsuki Thrust or punch
Jotori Jo techniques
Tachitori Attack with a boken
Tantotori Attack with a knife


Waza Techniques
Sumi Otoshi Corner drop
Ikkyo Arm pin
Nikkyo Wrist control by turning it in
Sankyo Wrist control by twisting it
Yonkyu Wrist control by pressure on nerves
Irimi nage Entering throw
Shiho nage Four comer throw
Tenshi nage Heaven (ten) and earth (shi) throw
Kote gaeshi Throwing by turning out uke’s wrist
Kaiten nage Throw by pushing uke’s arm across his back while pushing his down his head
Kokyu nage Breathe throw (timing)
Kokyu ho Breathing exercise

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