Protocol for Testing

When Sensei calls your name, bow, get up and walk along briskly (in front of the students) to the end of the mats (towards the inside windows). Then proceed along the edge of the mat towards the front of the dojo for a few steps. Then turn back across the mat walking towards the examining sensei(s). If there is a group of students who are called up at the same time, please walk in unison, single file. Form a line along the front of the dojo in the order that your names were called facing the picture of O’Sensei. Sit in seiza (sitting position with the legs folded under the body.)

At the same time, all people sitting in seiza should:
a) bow first to O’Sensei,
b) next turn to the examiners and bow,
c) and then lastly turn to your partner and bow.

Stand up together, face your partner (Sensei will designate who your partner is, which one of you will be Shite/Nage (defender with your back to the picture of O’Sensei) and which one will be Uke (attacker with your back to the students).

The examiner will call out the requirements to you. Do them repeatedly until he tells you to stop. He will say “yame [ya-me] meaning “stop” in Japanese. Please remember this word.
Unless the examiner tells you differently, please do Omote first then Ura movement.

When you are finished you test, sit down in with your Uke and do exactly what you did at the start of the test but in REVERSE order (bow to your Uke, the examiners, O’Sensei) get up and go back the same way to you came. Please remember to move together.


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