Annual Club fee:
$20/adult and $5/child

Canadian Aikido Federation (CAF) annual fee:
$20.00 (provide insurance coverage from the CAF, as well as maintain ranking with the CAF – this applies to all members who are 6th kyu or higher)

Testing fee:
$25.00 ($15 for 6th Kyu only, $25 for all higher ranks up to 1st kyu)

JCCC Membership and JCCC Aikido Fees may be found here.


* Children 6th Kyu and over are welcome to attend the Tuesday General class.

*General Classes are open to all levels, including Beginner.

*5th kyu rank or higher is required for Advanced Classes. The student must be able to do front and back rolls comfortably and ready to start taking break falls.

*New aikido students accepted only at the start of the month.

*No practice will be held on Canadian statutory holidays or JCCC official closing days.

*All classes are open to youth (15-21 years old), adults (22-64 years old) and seniors (65 years and older) unless otherwise indicated.

*Students are expected to bring their own weapons to class. Weapons will not be provided by the Centre.

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