Announcements – August, 2014


Upcoming Seminar and pre-registration



Aikido Seminar by Hayato Osawa Shihan at JCCC Friday, Saturday and Sunday September 26-28th

Pre-registration deadline is September 12, 2014. Additional $10 discount for 2 & 3 days adult pre-registration applies to JCCC members (Pre-registration Adult $110/3days $100/2days, Youth $80/3days $70/2days). Pre-registration may be submitted to any of the class instructors and Thomas Woods.


Testing result


Congratulation to all that passed!


Zhihua Song 10/6/2014 6th Kyu
Khaja Uddin 10/6/2014 4th Kyu
Alexander Zhukau 10/6/2014 2nd Kyu
Thomas Woods 10/6/2014 2nd Kyu
Dmitry Ivanov 10/6/2014 2nd Kyu
Rebecca Werner 23/03/2014 6th Kyu
Peter Kennedy 20/03/2014 5th Kyu
Minh Triet Le 20/03/2014 4th Kyu


Next Kyu Test:


Thursday September 11th, 2014

Students planning to test should seek advice from any senior black belt student on technique, requirement and road-block well ahead of the testing date. All senior black belt students are open and will be happy to assist in improving your technique.


CAF Fee Collection for 2014


Cost for CAF – $20

Club fee – $20/adult and $5/child

Fees may be submitted to any of the class instructors


CAF and OAF annual meeting minutes

CAF and OAF annual meeting minutes are available upon request by email to:

ANNOUNCEMENT! Fee adjustment & Teaching schedule, for May, 2018!Read More