Our Dojo

The JCCC Aikikai is a non-profit organization that promotes the practice and teaching of traditional Aikido in Toronto, Ontario Canada which was founded in 1967. It is the mission of JCCC Aikikai to celebrate the spirit of Japanese heritage and culture by offering a traditional program geared to all ages of any skill level while maintaining high technical standards as well as a positive attitude.

Aikido is an effective martial art that can be used in many different situations. From subduing an attacker without harming them to defending yourself from multiple attackers at once. Aikido is also a martial art that can be practiced at speed into the later years of life and is a martial art that men, women and children can enjoy. We encourage you to come and watch a class. Aikido is not competitive and therefore may appeal to you for this reason. Each student is given the room to progress at his or her own pace. You will find our instructors and students very friendly and helpful.

The teachers are second to none! They do more than teach skills – they educate students in the tradition and discipline associated with Aikido.   Osamu Obata Sensei 7th Dan, Chief Instructor for the JCCC Aikikai, has been teaching at the JCCC Aikikai for over 30 years.

Although on the mats we strictly adhere to protocol, off the mats, it is very easy to develop a familiarity and sociability here at the JCCC Aikikai.  We often gather outside of our regular classes and many students have made new friends within.  For more information about joining our club, please read here.


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