Kyu Test Requirements

For 5th Kyu and up, please go here for the current CAF testing requirements. Scroll down to the Rank Examination Worksheets area.

6th Kyu

1. Minimum 40 days
2. Clean body and uniform
3. Bowing from kneeling and standing position
4. Ukemi (breakfalls): back fall, back roll, front roll
5. Taisabaki (body movements): With a partner, from Gayku-hanmi Katate-dori
a) Tenkan
b) Renzoku tenkan
c) Irimi
d) Tenshin
6. Kamae Kogeki Waza
Gyaku-hanmi Katate-tori Sumi-otoshi
Ai-hanmi Katate-tori Ikkyo (Omote/ura)
Ai-hanmi Katate-tori Irimi-nage
Gyaku-hanmi Katate-tori Shihonage (Omote/ura)
Gyaku-hanmi Katate-tori Kokyunage (uchi mawari)

– The student must be both Nage and Uke
– Etiquette for testing: In the following order, bow first to OSensei, the examiner and then to your Uke. When the test is complete, bow in reverse order; to your Uke, the examiner and then O’Sensei. Please bow at the same time if there are other people testing.

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