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The JCCC Aikikai is pleased to announce the selection of Paul Sunn and Yoshi Ichida as new Shidoin in the Canadian Aikido Federation.

Paul, is 6th Dan and Senior Instructor at JCCC Aikikai, and has served as a member of JCCC Aikikai for nearly 48 years. Yoshi Is 5th Dan and also Senior Instructor, with 40 years of service. The CAF provides leadership for carrying out the mission of promoting Aikido across Canada.

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all-day JCCC Aikikai seminar 27-28 April, 2019 @ JCCC Aikikai
JCCC Aikikai seminar 27-28 April… @ JCCC Aikikai
Apr 27 – Apr 28 all-day
Attach is the poster for the April seminar and the pre-registration and waiver form. For JCCC Aikikai members, we will have $10 discount for [...]

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