Joining JCCC Aikikai

Why should you join the JCCC?

1) Aikido joins together unique, full body, mind and spirit workout programs that are fun, fulfilling, and useful. Anyone and everyone, regardless of size, age, gender, or fitness level can participate in our programs. Whether you are in shape now, or want to get in shape, there is a program for you! New members are always welcome at the JCCC.

2) Our classes are non-violent, non-aggressive, non-competitive, 100% defensive, efficient, effective, gentle, safe, fun, and fulfilling. Students learn how to defend themselves from an attacker without causing any injury to the self or the attacker. We also offer women’s only classes.

3) Our goal is to provide an educational environment where the principles of grounding, centering, harmony, balance, relaxation, expression, skillful action, and receptivity are learned through the mind, and the body.

4) Safety is of a major priority. All our instructors are certified and registered. All classes are taught in a manner that avoids confusion and injury. We also offer classes with weapons. All classes use the mind-set of cooperative training to instill a regard for the safety and well-being of one’s partner.

5) The JCCC is swept and vacuumed every day, and floors (matted areas) are washed numerous times a year. A dirty facility is not where you want to train!

6) Your level of fitness will improve. Our classes use every muscle group in each workout. The regular practice of martial arts will enhance your fitness level in the following areas; Cardiovascular, Strength, Balance, Speed, Concentration, Awareness, and Calmness.

7) Our classes are fun and fulfilling. When we participate in activities and/or events, we expect to enjoy ourselves and meet fun and interesting people. You will meet regularly, train intensely, and mix with a fun and exciting community of like-minded people. We are host to regularly held Aikido seminars and events that include some of the top instructors world-wide.

8) The JCCC’s commitment to superior instruction is one of its fundamental values. Our caring, certified instructors will guide, encourage, motivate, support and empower you or your child in an appropriate manner that is safe, fun and effective. A special cushioned floor provides comfort and safety for everyone. The positive energy and relaxing atmosphere of the dojo creates an optimal environment for learning, and it’s great fun too!

The best classes to start are either Tuesday at 6:30 P.M., Thursday at 6:30 P.M., or the morning classes. Please bring loose fitting clothes and a pair of sandals for walking in and out of the dojo.

In order to try a class, you must sign and submit a waiver form to our club. Please obtain the waiver from the front desk in the lobby and fill it out before you enter the dojo or download it from here.

You can see the class times and teachers here.

We offer several different payments plans and discounts.

Upcoming Events

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